Spotted Owls: Research and current trends in Douglas County 

Date/time:  Thursday, March 28; 7:00pm

Location:  Ford Room, Roseburg Public Library, 1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd., Roseburg, OR 97471

Presenter: Janice Reid, Wildlife Biologist, US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station  

Details:  The presentation will focus on the research surrounding spotted owl conservation and management.  Information will include biology and population dynamics for one study area located in Douglas County. It will also include an overview of past and current research related to spotted owls.

Janice graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Conservation of Natural Resources. She has worked for the US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station since 1986 participating in various aspects of research on spotted owls. She is currently the on-site field crew supervisor and project director for the Tyee Density Study Area, a position she has held since 1990. She is co-author on numerous papers stemming from the data gathered from the research project.