Per our bylaws, “The Annual Meeting of the Chapter shall be held on the second Wednesday of May each year, or at such other time as may be established by the Board, at which time new officers will be nominated and elected and take office the following July 1.”

This year, the Annual Meeting was planned for Wednesday, May 13th, to be held at the Douglas County Museum in conjunction with a showing of the National Audubon Society Photo Awards Traveling Exhibit and a local photo show/contest.  Sadly, NAS cancelled the traveling exhibit due to the pandemic.  At our April 15, 2020 virtual board meeting, the board decided to postpone the annual meeting and local photo show indefinitely as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings.

We’re hopeful that we may be able to hold our annual meeting in the fall.  The current board and officers have agreed to serve in their current roles pending the annual meeting and election of officers.  The board will continue to meet virtually pending lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions.