Starting point:  We’ll gather at Salud Brewery, 723 SE Lane Ave. beginning around 5 for a beverage.  We’ll leave from there at 5:30 to survey for nesting activity in the trees primarily along Jackson St., but perhaps checking adjacent and cross streets as well.



Ending point:  We’ll reconvene at Little Brother’s Pub, 428 SE Main St. at around 6:30 to review our findings and perhaps enjoy another beverage, snack or dinner.  You can walk as much or as little as you’d like, and join us anywhere along our route down Jackson St.  And, if walking isn’t your thing, just join us at Little Brother’s for conversation.  This is a family friendly event – bring the kids!


Bring binoculars if you have them; we’ll have some to loan if you don’t.

About Green Herons and the Nest Survey:

Compared with the more frequently seen Great Blue Heron, Green Herons are short and stocky.  They generally are secretive and are most often found around wooded ponds, marshes, rivers, reservoirs, and estuaries.  However, years ago, a few decided to nest and rear their young in downtown Roseburg.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the best place to raise the young, so occasionally the juveniles find themselves on the sidewalk or in the street.  For the last several years, Umpqua Valley Audubon has partnered with Umpqua Wildlife Rescue to help these juveniles reach the age at which they can be independent.  We then release them in more suitable habitat.

We think these efforts may be paying off as the number of nests in downtown Roseburg has declined.  The good/bad news is that one of these years, there will be no Green Heron nests in downtown Roseburg.  This could be the year!  Regardless, we’ll enjoy a nice stroll through downtown Roseburg!

For information contact Diana Wales at or 541-680-0436.