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Cornell K-12 Education – Free eBird Lessons  This site allows you to download free eBird lessons which are broken down into 4 age or grade levels.  It includes hands-on lessons that connect kids to nature through the world of birds.

Cornell K-12 Education – Science and Nature Activities for Cooped Up Kids  These hands-on activities are designed to explore nature and science with a combination of indoor and outdoor activities.  They are designed for teachers who need to share easy-to-implement content with students or parents striving to engage and educate children at home.  Themes include diversity of birds, courtship of birds, life cycles, bird id and flight/migration.

Audubon for Kids  This site includes links for Audubon Adventures which is a classroom curriculum emphasizing themes such as  raptors, owls, wading birds, getting to know birds, plants for birds and birds on the move.  The site also includes DIY activities (under the heading “Get Outside”) that can be done at home or in outdoor areas.

Cornell Bird Academy Videos  Here are links to 7-10 minute videos on specific characteristics of birds such as habit, size/shape, color/pattern and behavior.

Bird Song Hero: The Song Learning Game for Everyone  This site features a bird song skill building game for children and adults alike.

Cornell – Feathered Friends  These are hands-on lessons that you can download to practice bird id skills, explore local habitat and develop STEM skills.

Umpqua Watershed Home Explorer Series  Our local watershed organization posts new activities weekly which involve experiments and activities exploring the local watershed.  Bird activity themes are included here.  The activities were developed specifically for this area.  Check it out!