Important Bird Areas
Umpqua Valley Audubon Society

From Barrow to Baja

Audubon has identified more than 200 marine Important Bird Areas (IBAs) for the Pacific Flyway. Detailed information about these key habitats are available in this interactive map. The map describing IBAs from Alaska’s Beaufort Sea to northern Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. The map shows site boundaries, photos, points of interest, significant species, estimated seabird abundances, and more.

Background and methods

This map is the product of several years of research from Audubon Alaska and Audubon California. Below you can find a detailed report describing our methods and results, as well as GIS layers and Google Earth documents related to the Pacific Flyway marine Important Bird Areas.


PDF map of Alaska marine Important Bird Areas.

Report — Marine Important Bird Areas in Alaska: Identifying Globally Significant Sites Using Colony and At-Sea Survey Data

If you would like to access the GIS file of the Important Bird Area boundaries for Alaska, please contact Nathan Walker.

U.S. West Coast, British Columbia, and Mexico

Report — Hotspots of Seabird Abundance in the California Current: Implications for Important Bird Areas

GIS layer files (for ESRI GIS products)

Google Earth files: Pelagic IBAs, Colony IBAs