Umpqua Valley Audubon Society

Hi Everyone!
Sitting here reminiscing about how gorgeous a day Saturday was!. No smoke, no fog, just some thin clouds that kept the temperature not too hot and not too cold! Eleven of us met up at 8:30 am to enjoy the morning, some leaving when they needed to and four of us diehards finishing up at 12:30 pm.

An appropriate title for the outing was: “The Day of the Wrentit”. From the moment I stepped out of the car, wrentits could be heard, and seemed to be singing along aside us all morning. We got two good visuals as well. If you have not heard their descending song before, or have heard it but didn’t know what bird it was, here is a really cool utube video I found at:

Another highlight besides the 30 species we identified, was the close flyby of an accipter that landed in good view. The group worked together to identify it as a Sharp-shinned hawk. If I would have been on my own, I would have been hard pressed to dechiper it from a Cooper’s hawk. I love the comraderie and sharing of knowledge of a group!

Thank you to every one who came: Kelly Beach, Miriam Clark, Bill and Nancy Fuller, Claudia Lapham, Kish Doyle, George Hutto, Beth Brown, and Donna Prchal. A special thank you to Jim Houseman for bird identification throughout all four hours and for sharing the ongoing vision of Ford’s Pond with us.


Here is a list of the birds we were able to identify:
Wrentit: 2
Western grebe: 2
Sharp-shinned hawk: 1
Spotted towhee: 3
Black-headed flycatcher 1
Lincoln’s sparrow :1
Orange-crown warbler: 1
Northern pintail: 5
Song sparrow: 2
Golden-crowned sparrow: 2
American Goldfinch: 3
Yellow-rumped warbler: 2
Savannah sparrow: 1
Green heron: 1
Great egret: 1
Blue Heron: 2
Mallard: many
Northern shoveler: 2
American wigeon: many
Pied-billed grebe: many
Canada geese: many
Teal, probably Cinnamon (blue speculum): 2
Hooded Merganser: 2
Turkey vulture: 4
Red-shoulder hawk: 1
Red-winged blackbird: many
Violet green swallow: many
Black-capped chickadee: 1
Anna’s hummingbird: 1
Possible Warbling vireo: 1