Umpqua Valley Audubon Society

A dozen of us enjoyed a morning walk around the Eastwood Elementary Nature
Trail on Saturday morning. We focused on calls and songs, but were able to
get some nice looks at some birds too. Highlights for me have been shared by
Amy and Steph with their awesome photos on the Umpqua Basin Naturalists
facebook page (have to join to see At one point there were three
Hutton’s Vireos moving around together: one singing and displaying, another
calling, and another tagging along (so it seemed). They put on a great
display visually and aurally–an unusual experience with this species! My
species list here:

About half of us continued to Ford’s Pond where we were treated to a pair of
adult Bald Eagles looking cozy in the top of the Douglas-fir tree on the
south side of Woodruff Pond. I wonder where their nest is? There were also a
nice variety of ducks around, include a pair of Cinnamon Teal. My species
list here:

See you next time!

Good birding!