Umpqua Valley Audubon Society

The UVAS Annual Meeting was held Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at Kawloons Restaurant.  There were 21 in attendance, with 16 indicating membership.  Agenda included Year in Review and Financial Reports, followed by the election of officers/board:

  • President—Diana Wales
  • Secretary—Kathy Vejtasa
  • Treasurer – Bill Fuller
  • Board Member/Past President—Mark Hamm
  • Board Member – Beth Brown
  • Board Member – Stacy Burleigh
  • New Board Member – Donna Prchal

James Thatcher, Board Member of Friends of Ford’s Pond, provided an update on Ford’s Pond – including the first two projects listed in the 2017 Ford’s Pond Community Park Master Plan: 1.7 mile Pond Perimeter Path around the pond; and Parking, Restrooms, Utilities, Paths, Site Furnishings,and Security Gate in the southeast corner.  He also mentioned the pressing need for pet waste stations.  As the result of generous donations from UVAS members, Friends have purchased three pet waste stations and bags.  The balance of the donated funds are being held in a separate account dedicated to the stocking/maintenance of these stations.