Umpqua Valley Audubon Society

Dale and I were sure Saturday’s weather would cancel our annual Raptor Run, but so many hardy souls turned up full of energy we decided to give it a try.  I think we had 11 people, maybe more.  I never did pull out my clip board to get people’s names because it was too drizzly when we first gathered.  

Heading to Ford’s pond I was sure it was a fool’s errand — slushy rain.  

But the raptor gods were good to us. … a Red-shouldered hawk just as we got on the freeway in Roseburg and the slush had stopped by the time we got to Ford’s Pond.  By the end of the day we had 4 bald eagles, 3 golden eagles, a merlin, about 15 redtails, several kestrels, 2 or 3 harriers, a merlin, and what I think was a sharp-shinned hawk.  Add Matt’s rough-legged hawk and all the wonderful people energy and we had a lovely day, even a tad of sunshine.  By the time we gathered at the North Bank Management Area picnic shelter for a late lunch the weather was finally turning and we took Donna up on her wonderful offer to come inside to her house to eat. … and there we sat, enjoying each others company.  

It may have been a bit blustery, but that is what made the day so good.  Hawks and eagles were up and soaring.  

I must say it was a very fine day!  Good company and lots of raptors.