Umpqua Valley Audubon Society

We had a wet day, but I was amazed at the happy and smiling faces at our countdown dinner. Despite the rain people enjoyed the day and had fun experiences and stories to tell. And… it was nice to be in a dry, warm place with friends and yummy food after a big day. Special thanks go to some folks that joined us for the first time including Connie, Rick, Tess, Rich, Pam, Neal, Elee, Marie and Rex. We’re so glad you joined us!

This year we had 42 participants in 14 team areas, 3 feeder counts, and one rogue pair of kayakers (Stef and Marie) that defied all team area lines and floated the North Umpqua River from Whistler’s Bend Park to Umpqua Community College. This was a grand adventure and netted one of very few AMERICAN DIPPERS we have ever had for the count. Awesome job Stef and Marie!

Check out the full report and photos on Matt’s blog –