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Almost 40 bird counters enjoyed a record day for the Roseburg-Sutherlin CBC on December 17, 2022. The morning began with finger-biting cold, but fortunately remained rainless all day and experienced some sunshine in the afternoon. Early in the organization process we were clearly short-handed, but quite a number of folks responded to our requests for counters and we ended up with a great crew and good coverage of the 7.5 mile radius count circle centered in Wilbur.

We ended the day with an astonishing 128 species, eight more than our previous record high of 120 species in 2014. It is interesting that a surprising number of CBCs in western Oregon have set total species records this season. Possible contributors are good weather and an increase in experienced birders.

We are still compiling the numbers for each species, but due to the low Pacific Madrone berry crop this year, I expect low numbers of American Robin and Cedar Waxwing; we’ll see. Some of the most unusual species detected this year include a Glossy/White-faced Ibis, Long-eared Owl, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Prairie Falcon, and two American Bittern.

We ended the day cleaning up our tally sheets with some warm seafood chowder, veggie chili, and various side-dishes at the Roseburg Public Library.

A more detailed summary will be forthcoming once all the data are entered.

Matt Hunter


Roseburg-Sutherlin CBC