Umpqua Valley Audubon Society

Roughly 20 people enjoyed a lovely evening surveying downtown Roseburg for Green Heron nests.

Compared with the more frequently seen Great Blue Heron, Green Herons are short and stocky.  They generally are secretive and are most often found around wooded ponds, marshes, rivers, reservoirs, and estuaries.  However, years ago, a few decided to nest and rear their young in downtown Roseburg.  Unfortunately, this is not the best place to raise the young, so occasionally the juveniles find themselves on the sidewalk or in the street.  For the last several years, Umpqua Valley Audubon has partnered with Umpqua Wildlife Rescue to help these juveniles reach the age at which they can be independent.  We then release them in more suitable habitat.

Salud Brewery
Little Brothers Pub

Since this is both a nest survey AND a pub crawl, our May 24th survey kicked off at Salud Brewery at the south end of downtown and concluded at Little Brothers Pub.  Thanks to both wonderful venues for hosting us.




We identified just one seemingly active nest at 556 SE Jackson as well as what appeared to be several possibly inactive nests.  It was a fun evening, with only one mishap when UVAS president, Diana Wales, did a face-plant on the sidewalk while scoping out a potential nest with her binoculars, while simultaneously moving sideways over uneven pavement.


Update:  A second survey on July 6 turned up two very active nests – at 713 SE Jackson (adult and at least three babies) and 420 SE Jackson (adult sitting in nest).  So, maybe our survey was just a little early.

Green Heron Juveniles
420 SE Jackson
713 SE Jackson