Umpqua Valley Audubon Society

October 14, 2023 Ford’s Pond Monthly Bird Field Trip Report

Overall we had an exciting day! 

All nine participants were new to doing a bird field trip with us, and our four co-leaders did an exceptional job. Tracy Maxwell, our AmeriCorps member, enthusiastically welcomed everyone, gave out info about UVAS, passed out loaner binoculars and taught how to use them.

The fog kept us from watching the annular eclipse but we did notice the darkening of light and the quieter response of the birds. Some pictures below show the eeriness during that time.

Madrone Ruggiero was our lead birder, obviously finding and identifying birds, but also spent time answering great bird and habitat questions.  Madrone’s knowledge is invaluable and they are great at sharing it.

Since it was the global celebration of the 2023 Fall World Migratory Day, we wanted to join the world in summiting an accurate count of the birds we saw to The Cornell Lab’s website. Abraham Finlay, a high school student who has quickly become a phenomenal birder and bird photographer, took on this task for us. We saw 63 species, totaling 1,251 individuals. Here is a link to the ebird link if you would like to look at the list.

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