Umpqua Valley Audubon Society

December 9, 2023 Ford’s Pond Event Report

December brought us another good turnout of 14 participants; an increase each month since our start in October.  Another interesting occurrence is we have had completely different participants each month, other than one individual.  Offering a dependable monthly field trip seems to allow for more members of our community to get out enjoying nature, to learn about birds, and share the camaraderie that comes with it. Goals accomplished!

It was a very cloudy day, but we only experienced a couple of short, light rains. With all the previous heavy rain days though, rubber boots were the best shoes to have on. We saw 55 different species of birds; totally 1033 individuals. This was more than our 40 species we saw in November due mainly to Madrone’s diligence. (See ebird link at end).

 A noticeable difference this month was that the different duck species were much more intermingled with each other than in the previous two months. That made it much more difficult to count individual species as well as find some of the uncommon birds i.e. 2 CINNAMON TEALS, 1 EURASIAN WIGEON, 1 REDHEAD AND 12 BUSHTITS. A couple of the highlights of the day were how beautiful the WESTERN GREBE was even while resting with its head tucked. And, a BALD EAGLE was savored sitting in a tree and then treated us with a slow, lower level fly over.

Thank you to Madrone Ruggiero and Stacy Burleigh who volunteered as co-bird leaders as well as to our AmeriCorps member, Tracy Maxwell, who was Umpqua Audubon’s greeter of information and logistics.

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