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January 13th, 2024 monthly Ford’s Pond birding trip report

     We wondered if anyone would show up for this rainy birding adventure at Ford’s Pond and one person did!  It was 42 degrees Fahrenheit and we had steady rain for most of the two hours we were out.  We kept to the pavement at first but then decided to make a circumnavigation of the pond.  We had a good opportunity to test out rubber rain boots vs hiking boots and gaiters.  Guess which ones won?  We saw a beaver swimming toward the lodge and counted 38 different species of birds!  The rain let up occasionally and the passerine species came out intermittently.  We heard meadowlarks which is always lovely and walked down Church Road to the marsh to hear virginia rails!  On our way back up the road we flushed about 30 common snipe from the wetland beside the road.   Even on a wet winter day it was enjoyable to be out with pals discovering the birds at the pond.

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