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January 27, 2024 Raptor Run Event Report

This year’s Raptor Run, led by Liz Gayner, was attended by eight intrepid bird watchers. Heavy rain was in the forecast but we lucked out with 54 degrees and NO heavy rain until after we wrapped up!  We started at the south end of North Bank Road and made our way following the North Umpqua River, then from Hwy 99 drove Oak Hill Rd finishing at Ford’s Pond.


At our first stop, we were serenaded by at least 9 Western Meadowlarks. A Northern Harrier facing us on a fence post flew to the ground eating what looked like a large gopher. We saw 16 Bald Eagles (7 adults and 9 sub adults) 2 Golden Eagles (one adult and one sub adult) a Merlin, an American Kestrel and a Red-tailed Hawk.  A highlight was watching eight sub-adult Bald Eagles at one stop.  Some were down on the grassy field and others were on the wing flying low around the oak trees.  Overall, we saw more than 22 species on our trip that included lots of the usual suspects: American Crow, Common Raven, California Scrub-Jay, American Robin and Acorn Woodpecker. It was a great outing!

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