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2023 Roseburg-Sutherlin Christmas Bird Count Event Report

It was a cold and foggy day out there on December 16, 2023. This type of weather can make counting birds more challenging; possibly changing bird behavior and/or our ability to see them. We ended up with a lower number of species than average bird counts in the past. Other CBC circles near us had the same experience this year.  Eight of our volunteers went out early and then again later to try to hear and see owls. This was the first CBC for 18 new participants!  Some of us birded at home feeders, some on foot, some from cars and at least one person by bicycle. Some of you lasted all day out there!

We had a lovely post count potluck dinner at the Roseburg Public Library’s Ford room. Many folks contributed to the spread! It included lots of hors d’oeuvres, Serge Queant’s famous and delicious seafood chowder as well as vegetarian chili, mac and cheese, three salads and plenty of desserts! It was such a nice way to end the busy day together!

Thank you for the effort that each of you put in, in whatever way you were able to contribute to this successful 2023 Roseburg-Sutherlin CBC!

In our CBC, we had 49 field observers and 4 feeder watchers.

The total # of CBC circle counts in the U.S. was: 1,998.

The total # of field observers in the U.S. was: 53,722

The total # of feeder watchers in the U.S. was: 7,838

(Besides the U.S., there are also CBC counts in Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands.)

 We counted 112 species with a total of 16,993 individual birds.

The total # of species seen in the U.S. was: 673

The total # of individual birds seen in the U.S. was: 36, 680,012

Our highest # of individual birds by species were:

European Starling 3,233; American Robin 2,117; Dark-eyed Junco 1,485; Canada Goose 996; Brewer’s Blackbird 647; Red-winged Blackbird 645; American Wigeon 517; Black-capped Chickadee 320; Mourning Dove 308; Ruddy Duck 300; Rock Pigeon 294; Wild Turkey 286; American Coot 274; Bufflehead 250. (Cut off here to keep brief)

Our lowest # of individual birds by species, were:

Golden Eagle 1; Green Heron 1; Orange-crowned Warbler 1; Pileated Woodpecker 1; Rough-legged Hawk 1; Say’s Phoebe 1; Sora 1; Spotted Sandpiper 1; Western Screech-Owl 1; American Pipit 2; Lewis’s Woodpecker 2; Merlin 2; Mountain Chickadee 2; Northern Pigmy-Owl 2; Northern Saw-whet Owl 2; Swamp Sparrow 2; Western Grebe 2; Cedar Waxwing 3; Great-horned  Owl 3; Marsh Wren 3; Northern Harrier 3; Cinnamon Teal 4; Red-breasted Nuthatch 4; Redhead 4; Sharp-shinned Hawk 4; Wilson’s Snipe 4; Brown Creeper 5; Pacific Wren 5; Townsend’s Warbler 5; Virginia Rail 5; Hairy Woodpecker 6; Hutton’s Vireo 6; Northern Pintail 6; Barrow’s Goldeneye 7; Least Sandpiper 7; Goldeneye 8; White-fronted Goose 8; Bald Eagle 9; Bewick’s Wren 9; Cooper’s Hawk 10; Red-breasted Sapsucker 11; Lincoln’s Sparrow 12; Purple Finch 12; Gadwall 15; Hermit Thrush 15; Savannah Sparrow 15;  Wood Duck 16; Canvasback 18; Wrentit 18. (Again cut off here to be brief)

If you would like to receive a copy of the 2023 Roseburg-Southern CBC’s bird data in PDF spreadsheet format contact: Stacy Burleigh at

For additional analysis of the entire 2023 CBC, go to

See more photos below.

Bird Photos: Fox Sparrow, Golden-crowned Sparrow, Red-tailed Hawk, Ring-necked Duck, Canada and Cackling Geese, American Wigeon (Photos taken by Liz Gayner)

People photos: Stacy Burleigh birding at Stewart Park Bridge. (Selfie). Mark Hamm facilitating the countdown of birds seen, following dinner at the Roseburg Library. (Photo by Tracy Maxwell)

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