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PEREGRINE FALCONS: Recovering the worlds fastest bird of prey: adventures with Peregrine falcons.  A talk with Bob Sallinger

On April 24 with the Roseburg Public Library as cosponsors, we heard from Bob Sallinger the director of Bird Conservation Oregon.  Bob spoke about the decimating effect that DDT (a widely used pesticide) had on the Peregrine Falcon species worldwide.  In 1969 the population had declined by up to 90% and was listed as an Endangered Species.   Bob was closely involved with the massive efforts to restore the Peregrine Falcon population from the early days of the recovery efforts.

His slideshow included wonderful photos of chicks on nests high in the scaffolding of urban bridges as well as on cliff ledges in wild places.  He talked about the effort of many organizations and individuals who dedicated their time, resources and skills to the recovery effort.

Peregrine Falcon nests are not made from sticks as we might imagine but instead are scraped out depressions in high places often filled with bird guano and fairly exposed.  Banding and monitoring these nests was not an easy task, often involving climbing and rappelling in precipitous locations!

 In 1999 Peregrine Falcons were declassified from the Endangered Species list. This is a significant species recovery success story!  At the end of his talk, Bob reminded us that this species was relatively easy to work with compared with other bird species that will need our help.  He also reminded us that bird populations in general are falling precipitously with all the pressures upon them from climate change to habitat loss, light pollution and predator (think cats) predation.

 This audience appreciated Bob’s presentation which ended with a lively question and answer session.

This program took place in the Ford Room of the Roseburg Public Library with over 50 people attending.  UVAS thanks RPL and the Roseburg ESD for making the Ford Room available to the public.

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