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Event Report, 4/13/2024, Ford’s Pond

Yellow-rumped Warbler-Ford'sPond-4-13-24-MH
Female-Red-winged Blackbird-Ford'sPond-4-13-24-HH

The weather forecast showed the possibility of strong rain and wind but we lucked out and just had clouds and light rain towards the end of the walk. We had 10 participants join us, a lower number than usual, but we assumed the forecast possibly affected that.  We saw 57 species of birds encompassing 786 individuals.

We had several highlights this month.  There was still 14 species of waterfowl; so not all the ducks/geese had left for their northern breeding grounds. Two pairs of Canada geese stayed local and successfully hatched 15 fuzzy goslings. It was just wonderful, in and of itself, to hear bird songs again. Fifteen Common Yellowthroats were singing constantly and were easily seen (SO gorgeous!). Yellow-rumped Warblers, 180 of them, were flitting within the still leafless trees eating insects. And toward the end, the light rain brought 5 species of swallows to land together on several thin branches above the water, close to us. The rain causes insects to not fly, so the swallows land to save energy. As the rain let up and then started again, we watched several fly offs and returns of the swallows to the same branches. This was a wonderment to see.  (See the ebird checklist below for all birds seen).

Thank you to volunteers Matt Hunter and Stacy Burleigh who co-led this field trip and to Marge Cooney for being our greeter of information and logistics. Matt also provided the bird pictures and counted/submitted the ebird checklist.

Pictures in order of appearance: Featured photo of Matt G. Hunter by Stacy Burleigh; Yellow-rumped Warbler by Matt G. Hunter; Female Red-winged Blackbird by Matt G. Hunter; Five species of sparrow by Matt G. Hunter; Purple Martin by Matt G. Hunter; Two photos of Ford Pond by Stacy Burleigh


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